Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop/Halloween Popup

October 25, 2012 – Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop, owned by Arlington resident Richard Lamoretti, sits at the corner of Harvard Avenue and Glenville Terrace in Allston. The cuttery began selling Halloween costumes in addition to wigs about ten years ago and now sells them year-round. Lamoretti’s grandfather Edward Marotta started the business in 1935. Photo/Christopher Weigl

October 25, 2012 – Eduard Achildiyer, 38, cuts a patron’s hair at Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop as shoppers Lahiru Tholka-Mudalige, right, and Marina Mehrtens wait to pay shop owner Richard Lamoretti, center, for costume items on Thursday night. Both Boston University students at the School of Management, Tholka-Mudalige plans on being a dead surgeon for Halloween and Mehrtens a dead doll. The store, in Lamoretti’s family since 1935, attracted a steady stream of customers searching out last-minute costumes before the Halloween weekend. Photo/Christopher Weigl

October 25, 2012 – Richard Lamoretti, the owner of Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop on Harvard Avenue in Allston, talks on the phone while longtime employee Eduard Achildiyer, reflected in the mirror at left, cuts a customer’s hair. Having worked at the family shop for 22 years now, Lamoretti said, “I’m emotionally attached to the place, it’s like my home.” Photo/Christopher Weigl

October 25, 2012 – Richard Lamoretti, the owner of Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop on Harvard Ave in Allston, shares a laugh with a customer on Thursday night. Lamoretti constantly flits from customer to customer, cracking jokes and offering good deals under his breath. “I love interacting with people,” Lamoretti said. He estimated that 90 percent of the shop’s haircut customers are regulars. Photo/Christopher Weigl

October 25, 2012 – Halloween masks and other costume oddities line the street-side sill of Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop on Harvard Avenue in Allston. The shop, owned by Richard Lamoretti, has been in his family since 1935 and he said cutting hair is “in my blood.” Although the cuttery has branched out to selling costumes, Lamoretti said it’s hard to keep the business strong; the market is “very competitive and the rents are very high.” October brings with it a steady stream of customers, yet Lamoretti lamented, “I been working too much. I’m tired.” Photo/Christopher Weigl


4 thoughts on “Fast Eddie’s Barber Shop/Halloween Popup

  1. Chris — This one is outstanding. Love the pictures. Can I use it in my j-class as an example of great photos and captions that tell a story?

      • Super! I’ll talk to my co-teacher (who is more of the techie — and photo/video falls in that category) and get back to you soon. Tell me what you’d most like to talk about, and we can fit it into the curriculum (think story-telling via photo/caption; editing; finding stories, etc.)

      • Yes I think I’d like to talk about what makes a photo story, including how captions and pictures need to work together. I can go through a couple of my stories and explain how they come together and look at others as well perhaps. If you have any suggestions I’d be open to them.

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