Photo Post: Ao Phang Nga and Ko Panyi Floating Muslim Village

Our day of travel around Phang Nga bay by boat and the subsequent stay at Ko Panyi were the coolest experiences of our Independent Travel Time in Thailand. The village is open by day to masses of tourists, but come sunset the crowds dissipate and we were left to experience a bit of life in a floating village..

Ao Phang Nga is a bay full of dramatic limestone structures rising from the ocean waters. We took a longtail boat tour around the bay.

James Bond Island, a towering yet incredibly petite island featured in the Man with the Golden Gun. Of course, it existed before that too and was called Ko Khao Phing Kan.

A map of the village found on the wall of the school. There are 200 families living there now, all descendent from two original families.

The village floods at high tide and is dry at low.

A resident tends to some of the fish farms at the edge of Ko Panyi village.

You can see here what is touted as the only "floating" football field in the world.

Sunset in Phang Nga bay.

Sunrise at the village.

Sunrise with one of the fish enclosures in the foreground.

Truly an awesome place. This was taken from the end of a long dock.

We stayed in the back end of an enormous restaurant that feeds the tourists during the day. We slept on dirty mattresses, which is better than the living conditions of those who owned the place. They slept in what can only be called their living room, located at the back of the dining area.

The sun has risen and longtail boats began leaving to bring villagers to the mainland, head out to fish, or collect their daily tourist quota.


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