Elephant Nature Park

Here’s a selection of photos from Elephant Nature Park. It was hard to stop taking pictures of the elephants in the week we were there, so hopefully none of these photos get too repetitive; elephants are just too photogenic!

The elephants were washed by volunteers every day, which they absolutely loved.

The elephants at ENP are all rescues, saved from overly abusive owners who use them to make money off of tourists through begging, trekking or performing.

This was the view from the "smoking section" of the park, which was worth a visit for the view alone.

ENP currently cares for almost 40 elephants, and that number is still rapidly growing as more funding flows into the park.

Near center you can see the infirmary, where elephants with infection or open wounds are cared for.

We visited a local school to meet with the kids there and support them by purchasing bracelets, massages, or just practicing English.

This beautiful pink hue is highly prized in Southeast Asia; although this one isn't entirely "white", the King of Thailand does keep royal white elephants.

We hiked by this farm on our way to help reforest some land. Once completed, elephants willll be able to roam with precious little human contact within the allotted space.

In the foreground you see one of the 86 dogs living at ENP, which travel in packs and annoy both humans and elephants alike.

Two of the three younger elephants in the park. Asian elephants typically live to over 70 years old.

Blessed with holy water by a buddhist monk, these pieces of cloth encircled many of the trees surrounding ENP. Even illegal loggers will avoid cutting down such protected trees.


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