Photo Post: Bangkok

So I think the best way to do this is to break each part of the trip into sections and post ten or so photos from that bit of the trip. I’ve put up extensive albums on Facebook if you’d like to see more, but this can be considered a truly tight selection. Some will be tougher cuts than others (we were only in Bangkok for a few days so definitely not the best of the trip), and I’ll put up a new set every day or so.

People gather for prayer at a temple close to our guesthouse near Khao San Rd.

One of many temples in Bangkok.

We ate most of our meals in Bangkok at street vendors, which were cheap and so delicious.

A songtow, a type of transport, in Bangkok.

The view of the Bangkok business district from Sky Bar, one of the most expensive in the city.

A street vendor sells various fried insect snacks.

The Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho.

A monk prays to a Buddha inside Wat Pho.

A man in an elephant suit; normal for the enormous JJ market?

Our bus broke down on the way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Impromptu fix involved leaking gas and smoking cigarettes.


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