Sunny Phuket

This will be a short one; the internet cafe charges by the minute. We’re in Patong beach right now for our second night, after spending one in Phuket town and realizing there’s nothing going on there. We all ended up leaving Bangkok at different times-Dayna the night of the 9, me on the 10:50 flight, and Alyssa at 1. We all arrived safe eventually and even made a couple friends. I befriended a 50 year old Brazilian mother and aspiring playwright named Marilda, who joined me in my search for a hostel and my two missing fellow travelers. Dayna met a German student named Ben on her bus, who has been teaching English to Thai children for the past three months. Our ragtag group of five all went out to eat together that night.

We decided to head to Patong Beach for something a little more happening, and boy did we get that. Marilda came too but soon went her own way, but we found a nice guest house and lay out on the beach for the rest of the day. It’s the most touristy of any on Phuket island, but relaxing nonetheless. At night we went out clubbing, and the streets here are mobbed with thousands of partiers. Bar after bar is full of Thai women dancing on countertops, and ladyboys and prostitutes line the sides of the road looking for customers. The nightclub we visited was decidedly western, as you’d expect, and was indistinguishable from any you’d find back home.

Today we all branched off to do our own thing, and renting a moto was at the top of my list. I dropped Alyssa off at Kata beach and then explored some more of the island. I went to a large temple to take in the revelry that accompanied the Queen’s birthday, which is today, and also snaked my way to the top of a hill to see the 40m giant buddha at the top. It’s been nice all told here, but tomorrow we bus to Phang Nga town and take a boat tour from there of many of the islands; we will hopefully be staying the night at Ko Ponyi, a floating muslim village in the bay. Ciao!


3 thoughts on “Sunny Phuket

  1. Civilization once again! I hope you’re not too whipsawed by the re-entry process to the wild world of Phuket! How are you doing on the motorbiking??

    • Made it to Railay now so will spend the rest of ITT here. And yes the biking went well. I’ll have to update about the Muslim village when Internet is cheaper. It’s quite the paradise here too and the five of us have reunited!

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