Elephant nature park,quick update

It’s been a few days I am sorry about the long wait, the park has wifi but the only device we have is this iphone. I can say that it is a absolutely beautiful hers and the elephants Re fun to work with. They all have different personalities and live in different family groups. We get up for a seven am breakfast each morning Nd go out to work at 8. Work vAries, todAy we shoveled dung but have also washed snAcks like pumpkins or watermelons, cut tall grass with machetes, planted trees,and completed a variety of smaller tasks like painting or feeding the elephants. In the afternoons we work more too, but we never work more than probably four hours over the course of a day.

Meals here Are enormous buffets and are mostly vegetarian. It’s all very tasty. The heat isnt as bad out of the smog filled city and it is really a great community. Today we also visited a local school and played with them. They are all so cheerful! Also I neglected to mention that on addition to the 37 elephants roaming the grounds there Re over 80 dogs who run in packs, a herd of cows, a sun bear reached from being made into bear paw soup, a few maimed donkeys and a dozen cats. It’s wild.

Do know that some of the fund raised money went to the upkeep of the park through the fee for staying here. Most of the elephants ware rescues and are maimed or were severely beaten or simply too old to work. Leo, the founder, talked to us about the brutal techniques most mahouts use to train young elephants through beAtings and something called a crush. They are then used to amuse tourists on the streets or through elephant rides. Tell those you know to think twice before being party to such treatment and giving these abusers money.

Well that’s all for now, it has begun to rain outside and it’s time for bed. And the three dogs lying Here sort of smell. I’ll update when I next can.


2 thoughts on “Elephant nature park,quick update

  1. So glad you can share an iphone and keep up the posts. Sounds like a magical place. Have you made friends with any particular elephants? We were able to track through to some photos from the last eco trip to see what this place looks like. Temps look to be in the 80s vs. 90s for Bangkok…good! Do you feel tall? Did you buy a new pair of sunglasses…?

    • I haven’t made friends with particular elephants no. It’s also cloudy more often here it seems which is nice. A lot of the things we got I should have gotten here, everything is really cheap. I bought three dollar sunglasses but already managed to break them so I’ll gk without. Today we are hiking somewhere to plant more trees so I have to go now.

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