First Night, Scavenger Hunt

I figure I’ll do updates as frequently as possible while I’m staying a 1 minute walk down the road from the internet cafe. Everyone arrived last night and we celebrated by going out to dinner and then, afterward, to the Sky Bar. We made some acquaintances prior to going so there were 15 of us total. We are in the backpackers district, which is dominated by touristy stuff and nightclubs for those with little money. The SkyBar is probably the greatest contrast one can imagine from your typical hot and cheap Bangkok bar. It’s situated on the roof of one of the tallest towers in the city proper and requires pants and no open toed shoes.

You take an elevator up to the 60-something’th floor and get off to see a live band and the most stunning view of the city. The bar is literally hanging off the edge of the building, and glass barriers leave little to the imagination. There’s a restaurant there too. I ordered the cheapest thing on the drink menu, a Thai beer, and it cost about 430 baht (just under 15 dollars). Still, it’s the classiest and most expensive hangout in the city and I wouldnt have passed that up.

Out of time now I need to run! We did a scavenger hunt today and saw a lot of the city. More to come.


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