Made it to Bangkok!

So after so so many hours of flying I finally got to Bangkok. After catching an earlier flight to Toronto from Bost than taking a flight to Heathrow, then having that flight come in literally 20 minutes before my flight to Bangkok lifted off I made it. Unfortunately my luggage didn’t. In theory it caught the next flight (I run faster than the luggage man) and should be here today at 3. My room is one bed, a bathroom that contains toilet and shower in a space you can’t walk more than a step in any direction in, and a ceiling mounted fan to keep cool. The walls are bare and there’s word of both bed bugs and cockroaches. Hooray!

Not everyone has made it here yet from the group but there are about 7 of us at the moment. We’re staying in the backpacker’s district in the city which is crowded with hippy types and tourists. There are massage parlors every five feet and you literally can’t walk more than a minute without being hailed by someone trying to get you to ride in his tuk tuk or taxi to the closest Buddha statue. And the driving is absolutely insane, I sat this morning and watched as motorbike after motorbike drove up onto the sidewalk instead of waiting for the light to change. And lanes honestly might as well not even be marked.

We’ve done some wandering and explored a couple of the closer temples, apparently it’s someone’s birthday today and there are intense religious ceremonies happening at the temples. They’re scattered throughout the city and are incredibly ornate: imagine inlaid gold and bright reds and overwhelming amounts of incense and the like. You have to remove your shoes to enter, and the girls were told to leave after attempting to walk in with uncovered shoulders.

And it’s oppressively hot here, too hot to walk in the sun without being drenched in sweat. Air conditioning is relatively rare (other than in 7/11, which shocks the body) and fans have to suffice. This will definitely take some getting used to. I can’t wait to get my bag and change into some sandals. Hopefully the mid-day rain will happen soon, in theory it downpours around 3-4 each day like clockwork.

Well I’m running out of time in the internet cafe so I’ll end here. A group is playing cards out of the sun at the hostel and later we’re going to check out the sunset from the SkyBar, which looks out over the whole city. I can’t wait.


4 thoughts on “Made it to Bangkok!

  1. Great to hear you’re there, and very happy to hear you made that connection in London!
    It didn’t look too likely from what we could see on the flight tracker!!
    Have a GREAT time!!!
    Dad (& Mom)

  2. So glad you made it. We knew the connection would be close and suspected your pack would not make it, even if you did. Enjoy Bangkok! ~Mom

  3. Your mom is relieved that you made it, Christopher! I’m planning to live vicariously through your blogposts. Sounds very exotic, and hot! So thanks for sharing so we can enjoy your adventures without experiencing the uncomfortable part.
    – Mary

  4. Great to hear from you, Christopher. Hope luggage arrived. Interesting blog. I can relate to the tropical heat discomfort. Even though 60 years ago, I recall how I felt upon my arrival in Manila. It’s almost like you can’t breathe. Those afternoon rain showers will feel good!

    What a treasure trove of pictures you will have!


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