Macro, Extension Tubes, Diffraction

I’m continuing to test out my newest macro setup and decided to do some raindrops today. I’m shooting with a manual OM 35 reverse mounted on a set of cheap metal extension tubes. The depth of field is absolutely miniscule, perhaps too small to make shooting handheld feasible. The extension tubes have also added a softness to the photos that looks almost like diffraction. A quick search revealed this post by Lord V (one of the internet macro gods), which seems to back up my hunch. Even though just shooting at f11, diffraction increases exponentially when extending the distance between lens and sensor.

Here’s an example from yesterday, stacked from 3 shots:

And a 100% of the eyes(remember this is after sharpening in PS too):

It isn’t pretty! I’ll probably end up reducing the magnification a bit to gain back some sharpness. Anyway, here are those raindrops I promised:

This one without any extension tubes…


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